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Mortgage? What Mortgage?

I was reading some articles today about the housing market and it got me thinking about walking away… and i wondered what people who are “walking away from their mortgages” but not their homes are thinking?

I mean really, these people who have stopped paying their mortgages do they realize that without the tax revenue their cities and towns will not be able to function? Will they complain about the loss of jobs in NY state that will happen this year? Will they wonder how their garbage is still being picked up?

How their streets are being paved? Patrolled? Cleaned?

I wonder are they thinking of the long term affects? How will we be able to survive this “crisis” if we keep it going by not paying our mortgages?

When their childrens teachers are fired for budget reasons will they wonder where their tax dollars are spent? Or will they realize that they are not actually paying taxes so they should sit down and shut their mouths for they have given up their right to complain?

I wonder…


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