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Trips To Places :D

You know on all my trips to all these different places I realized life is not about just going on trips to bail out on school. It is because you want to go to places that you’ve never seen, or have never been to, a place where somehow you leave a mark. Something that represents you that you used to adore in your early childhood that you couldn’t live with out. So if you write something or leave something or flush something down the toilet and flush the plumbers number too. Now when you live life you don’t just live it you enjoy it, every single moment of it and the bad times and the best. Even the time when someone said that you looked ugly after you shaved your head for Saint Baldricks.(trust me it’s happened to me)now all of this advice is not coming from my best friend who has 1,000 followers on Instagram it’s from my heart from me to if your reading this right now I just want you to know that I just wish you the best of luck.:D


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