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Im Back! =D

Its been such a long time since I have written on here! But now I’m back with a youtube channel! Im animating a series of follow up stories that I need ideas for! Im just going to ask a simple favor! Comment Ideas!! Either Comment here, or comment on the channel! The channel name is: GamerDinoGurl


dogs RULE :D

you know I have gone my whole life with at least 1 dog in the family when I was born. The reason is that not because every time I saw a lost and abandoned dog on the streets it is because that dogs are great friends to have around the house with you. Just think about all the times that you’ve had a dog or seen a friends or relatives. Just think of what they did to their family how the dogs changed their life. I have 2 dogs and they are both amazing and have astonishing personalities. So if your thinking about a dog even most of my friends who used to only like cats now also like dogs and want one. Now my 2 dogs are Charlie and Angel. Angel is 15 years old and Charlie is 2 years old. We got Charlie on 10/22/13 at about 6:00. Now I am going to tell you about some things that happened over the years. One day we came home after a walk with Charlie and (Angel is too old to go on walks now) when we got home the house was a mess so now we don’t take Charlie on walks anymore. Also every Easter night angel always eats  a part of my chocolate bunny! So now the Easter bunny  has to come on Easter morning. So every Christmas eve night angel and Charlie always give Santa a fright! So if your actually sitting here and reading  this thank you and I wish you the best of luck! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Trips To Places :D

You know on all my trips to all these different places I realized life is not about just going on trips to bail out on school. It is because you want to go to places that you’ve never seen, or have never been to, a place where somehow you leave a mark. Something that represents you that you used to adore in your early childhood that you couldn’t live with out. So if you write something or leave something or flush something down the toilet and flush the plumbers number too. Now when you live life you don’t just live it you enjoy it, every single moment of it and the bad times and the best. Even the time when someone said that you looked ugly after you shaved your head for Saint Baldricks.(trust me it’s happened to me)now all of this advice is not coming from my best friend who has 1,000 followers on Instagram it’s from my heart from me to if your reading this right now I just want you to know that I just wish you the best of luck.:D

fun crafts to make

a craft is something fun to do. a craft you could do is ALIENS FROM OUTER SPACE!!!!!!!! you take egg cartons and cut them into  little humps. then take pipe cleaners and googley eyes and markers and your ready to decorate!!!!!!!!!

Mortgage? What Mortgage?

I was reading some articles today about the housing market and it got me thinking about walking away… and i wondered what people who are “walking away from their mortgages” but not their homes are thinking?

I mean really, these people who have stopped paying their mortgages do they realize that without the tax revenue their cities and towns will not be able to function? Will they complain about the loss of jobs in NY state that will happen this year? Will they wonder how their garbage is still being picked up?

How their streets are being paved? Patrolled? Cleaned?

I wonder are they thinking of the long term affects? How will we be able to survive this “crisis” if we keep it going by not paying our mortgages?

When their childrens teachers are fired for budget reasons will they wonder where their tax dollars are spent? Or will they realize that they are not actually paying taxes so they should sit down and shut their mouths for they have given up their right to complain?

I wonder…


What a nice time we had last night. My sister and her son came for dinner. E was in heaven to have her favorite cousin with her. We never get to do dinner together and it was really nice to sit and laugh and tell stories. We had a nice fire and a nice dinner of collected leftovers.
Now it is snowing we are heading out for the day closing early and holing up to bake cookies and just be a family. We need time to heal.

It certainly is a funny word..

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